Custom Web Design & Development

We specialize in custom and bespoke WordPress website design. WordPress is the most popular and supported content management system currently available with a great community behind it. Website content will be easily editable and training material including a video walkthrough will be available for you to refer back to. Whatever type of website you choose to design with us you can rest assured that it will be a fun and engaging experience that will make your life and business easier and more profitable.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design is the design process followed so that websites are optimized for viewing in all display devices from desktop screens to various tablets and mobile phones. We test the website layout in various screen sizes and devices to comply with certain rules, visual aesthetics and accessibility guidelines.

Built for Speed

For a website to have a successful impact it needs to load as fast as possible on a user’s browser. We design all our website solution with loading speed in mind. We do not settle for cheap solutions. Instead, we utilize top of the range hosting to achieve fast loading times that enhance user experience and help your SEO rankings.

SEO Optimised

All our websites are optimized to for speed and search engine visibility. From the initial design stages, we take extreme care to construct the skeleton of each site in such a way so that it is easily indexed by search engines. With that in place, great website content will sit right in beautifully!


You can start small but grow exponentially! You can be confident that whenever you are ready to grow your website will grow with you. Whether you are building a huge directory requiring thousands of images and listings or have an e-commerce shop with a plethora of digital or physical products, we will make sure your website won’t skip a bit!


Rest assured that all your data are safe and sound. We employ next level security measures to protect your online data and to prevent suspicious server attacks. In addition to that, we employ frequent offline backups so that even if your site becomes unreachable, going live again is just a click away!

support_iconStellar Support

Launching your website will be the first process of a fruitful and ongoing cooperation with us. Our care plans include advice on current web practices and trends, assisting you with your marketing campaign, ongoing SEO optimization, keeping your site secure and updated with the latest software patches and upgrades, etc.

E-commerce stores

Do you have any physical or digital products to sell?

Having an e-commerce site will allow you to integrate and manage all your products right from your online store. You can set various prices and shipping costs, create discount coupons and sales, upload product images and documentation and integrate email and social marketing into each of your product pages. Your viewers will be able to easily find what they are looking for and order online right from your e-commerce store.

And of course, multiple payment methods will be available for them including bank transfer, Paypal, credit/debit card, etc. All with a beautiful and attractive design representative of your brand.

Our e-commerce stores employ speed optimizations and modern security principles right from the start. We will support you every step of the way while you build your online catalog.

Business | Corporate

Whether you are a start-up, technology company, law or consultant firm, restaurant, coffee shop, personal trainer, web or IT agency, or anything in between, showcasing your business and services to potential clients to increase your business credibility is critical these days. Our bespoke business and corporate design solutions help you get your point across in the clearest way possible. You will have a website that is optimized for search engine visibility so that you show up in local search results and generate genuine customer leads.

Personal | Portfolio

Put your own thoughts out into the world! Inform and educate your users on your selected subject or passion. Showcase your skills and CV. We build exceptional and personalized websites for artists, performers, photographers, musicians, freelancers, tradesmen, online entrepreneurs, yoga teachers, you name it! You will be able to integrate your social profiles and even sell your products and services if you wish. Let your passion become our passion!

Blog Design

If you have content that is regularly updated a blog might be an ideal solution to grow your audience. A blog can be easily integrated into any type of website and is used to inform and educate your viewers for a particular topic or subject.

Creating frequent content like this is also a great way for search engine visibility as all search engines prioritize up to date and informative content. We can also help you find the right keywords to facilitate higher ranking in search engines. Blog posts are easily shareable to social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

News & Media

Provide recurring and up to date news for your users through various mediums including text, video and audio. Create engaging content for your online magazine or newspaper. Present your content in a meaningful and streamlined fashion that is easy to read and keep your user base up to date and always informed of current global trends and activities. We will help you create a website that has the global impact you desire optimized for speed and easily accessible from every part of the world.


We make it easy for you to have an online presence, promote your organization projects, encourage your followers to take action and accept donations. Your non-profit website will have the necessary tools and design to entrust public confidence, engage your audience to the necessary activities and communicate your standards and practices.

Learning & Education

In this day and age, the importance of educational websites cannot be ignored. You might have a few training videos or material that you want to educate your users on a particular topic or a full set of courses that you want to launch as part of a training and educational program.

We would happily assist you in creating the training platform of your choice and take advantage of online tools and learning techniques to share your material to a wider audience. You will be able to sell individual courses or videos or even full courses and programs.

We can also create educational websites and portals for schools, colleges and universities and incorporate learning exercises and courses for teachers to review and grade accordingly.

Web Portals and intranets

A web portal can be used for bringing together information from various online and offline sources in a uniform and systematic way. Interest subjects can be categorized into different sections so that they can be easily found by your online audience. That is also true for company intranets where customers, employees or suppliers can receive personalized information on health and safety issues, employee training material, company guidelines, technical documentation, employee contact details, etc that could make life easier in the long run and avoid repeated questions and support requests.

Directory websites

A directory website is a site dedicated to consolidating and bringing together a number of websites that belong to a certain category or a number of categories for better visibility and searchability by the user. For example, you can have a directory website that lists all restaurants in a certain geographical location either in a city, a region, a country, etc.

This presents a number of financial opportunities since you can monetize the various listings so that businesses can subscribe to a monthly or yearly subscription to be able to get listed and indexed in your directory. You can also integrate various banners and affiliate links to allow for certain businesses and organization to advertise their services under a certain niche category.

We will help you create the perfect directory website for you and your partners. The possibilities are endless!

Wiki & Community forums

Wikis and community forums are a great way to provide support to certain services that your business provides to its users. With a Wiki, for instance, you can have certain information and resources organized in a central space that you want you users to have access to. In there, you can include information and documentation about your product or services and allow users to easily search for a particular subject of interest without having to raise a support ticket thus minimizing support requests.

A forum can act as a central community space for users to register an account and start interacting with each other in order to find certain information and help each other out on any subject. Various subject categories can be created inside the same forum and users can create related threads asking help for a particular subject. You as the forum administrator will be able to moderate all conversations and interactions between users and also be able to jump in a conversation and/or comment on a particular thread.

Website redesign

Create Advanced also provides website redesign services. We can initiate a discovery process for your existing website and propose new functional ways on how your new website should interact with its audience. On top of that, we can create a new beautiful design that will be on brand guidelines and make a strong impact on your users. Our goal is to provide you with a well designed and efficient web solution that you and your users will be proud of!