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We give a lot of attention to the visual aspect of a product or service. A beautiful, engaging and original design will attract the viewer’s attention and give your company the credibility it deserves. We are aware and make use of any latest design standards and trends but are willing to break the rules whenever needed!

Logo and brand design

Your new business deserves an impactful design that will communicate your goals and style to your audience. After a careful discovery process, we will identify key aspects of your business that require special attention. Your business feel, the mood, your audience, your geographical location can all be elements that could affect the design process. We will then create engaging and beautiful artwork that will communicate your branding message in the most original, direct and efficient way.

Your logo requires special attention and is the main visual element that will get you noticed. It will be the main design element that will distinguish you from the competition and speak directly to your audience’s feelings initiating a direct connection with them. We will design a logo that will achieve just that while establishing your brand to the world.

We can then create additional promotional material to assist you in the best way of presenting your brand. Such material include business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, brochures, catalogs, flyers, posters, signage for special events or installations, etc. Whatever your business might be, we will make sure you get an impressive portfolio of bespoke promotional material that you will be proud of.

Product design

A good product needs a great design, to begin with. Appropriate product design is needed to tell the story of the brand and communicate the product value directly to consumers which also makes it an extremely valuable marketing tool. Using our expert knowledge, we will help you create the right concept for your product that is in line with your brand’s visual identity.

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