SEO & Web Analytics

Believe it or not, having an online presence alone will not guarantee your website’s search engine visibility. You need to have the right content and follow certain SEO guidelines so that your website gets indexed by search engines consistently. We will be helping you on your way to achieving this goal and further suggest certain methodologies so that your content gets the right exposure to the right audience.

Keyword Research

We will assist in identifying your target audience and what this audience is searching for. It will be a fun adventure for sure! Once knowing those keywords or keyword phrases, we will optimize your website content accordingly and advise on best content creation practices.

On-Page SEO

We will make sure that every page on your website is constructed in such a way so that it is easily accessible and discoverable by search engines. The title, description and content of the page along with any headings that separate different sections need to be present and have the necessary content and structure so that they can be easily crawled by the engines.

Off-Page SEO

Having great content on your website is a good starting point. But you also need to be able to promote your website to other reputable places on the Internet in order to create links back to your website. This could include social media sites, forums, business listings, etc. Having outside links leading back to your site is a very important aspect of SEO visibility. It also adds authority and trustworthiness to your site as search engines view your website as a reputable source of information relevant to your users. We will teach you the mechanics of developing those links for your online business in a way that will make sense to YOU!

Reporting & Analytics

Thorough analysis and reporting of your SEO data are important for an effective future marketing strategy. Metrics like SEO rankings, referrals, most visited pages, etc, will give you a clear indication of where you need to focus to improve your business and convert more clients. We provide you with the tools and the necessary reports to make the right decision.