Support & Maintenance

It is not our intention to just hand over your project and forget about you. We envision a long-lasting professional relationship with you so that you always feel you have someone to turn to when you need help growing your business.

Site maintenance

Once you have your website up and running you can hire us to take care of your day to day administration of your site. Tasks could include content creation and maintenance, user permissions and control, forum and Wiki administration, etc. Just give us your content and we will make sure it’s there when you want it or schedule a day and time for it to go live.

Site migration

We also offer our help in migrating your site from your old hosting environment to our new and modern infrastructure and join one of our hosting plans. This is actually something that we would recommend especially if you have joined one of our care plans since we have deep knowledge of our hosting infrastructure, and be more responsive.

In saying that, we can also assist with any type of site migration. We will make sure that your domain along with content, databases, DNS settings, email settings are migrated in the most seamless way possible.