Website hosting

From our experience, website hosting is the most underrated element for a website’s speed and health. A large number of people think that it would be enough to just host their website anywhere they could find with the least amount of money they could afford. This could not be further from the truth. We work with top of the range and reliable hosting partners to bring you the hosting that fits your needs so that you can focus on expanding and nurturing your business.

Optimised for speed

We will never cut corners as far as the quality of hosting needed to cover your needs. Either you own a personal, portfolio site, or a fullfledged e-commerce shop, we will select the right hosting plan for you so that your website runs fast and can handle any number of visitors. Website performance is also a very important SEO metric meaning your site is likely to rank higher in search results.


We take extreme measures to secure your online data from prying eyes. Our servers integrate a top of the line firewall so that any possible server attacks are blocked on a server level. All activity is monitored for any intrusions or unauthorized activity. On top of that, all our hosting plans come with free SSL certificates meaning that all communication that happens on your website is encrypted.

Frequent offline backups

We are dedicated to keeping your website data safe. Website backups are very important in case something goes wrong and the website becomes unavailable. We keep offline backups for all our clients. The backup frequency could be weekly, daily or even every few hours according to needs. We want you to be able to sleep well at night knowing that all your data are safe and easily restorable.

Email accounts

We offer free and premium email hosting plans for every business. Depended on the plan you also receive a number of offline or cloud-based productivity software to assists you in your everyday workflow. In all cases, we will assist you in setting up your preferred email provider and inform you of the benefits of each solution.